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NEW @ Party Depot - We've learnt something new and have the opportunity to share it with all our customers - Imagine having one of these beautiful 8ft Columns  either side of the entrance @ your event and showering the Special Person/s with Balloons as they enter - or one in the middle of a dance floor 100 12cm Balloons cascading down to add to the decorations already in the room.

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How A Hire Works

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Step 1

Once you have made your decision or if you require a ‘professional opinion’ please call our office and one of our friendly staff members will take your booking. Like any reputable company we do require a deposit upon booking; this removes your castle from the availability list on your hire date and ensures there is no chance of double booking. The deposit is payable via credit card (incl. AMEX) or via direct debit.

Step 2

Upon booking you will receive a ‘Tax Invoice" via email, this is your booking confirmation. Please read this and check your details are correct. 

 Step 3

On the Wednesday prior to your hire you will receive a ‘Delivery and Pick Up Time Confirmation’ via email. This will advise you of the delivery time and pick up time.

Please double check all of your details are correct, if any changes need to be made please speak to Natalie or Leanne who will happily amend where possible. 

Step 4

One of our fully trained staff members will deliver and install your Jumping Castle and/or other hired items. All Jumping Castles and Inflatables will need to be set up on grass (unless advised otherwise at the time of booking) and connected to electricity within 30 metres. Your Jumping Castle or Inflatable will be anchored safely and our trained staff will carry out all necessary safety checks and a risk assessment. You will then be fully trained to supervise and operate your hired item saftely.

The balance of your hire is payable upon delivery via Cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card (including AMEX)  or corporate cheques. Sorry no personal cheques. You will be given a receipt once payment has been received. 

Step 5

After your party is finished our staff members will then return to pack down the item. This will generally take around 15 – 20 minutes.


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Published on 9/06/2015 12:00 PM by

Jumping Castle Safety

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Tips for hiring a Jumping Castle should you hire through us or another company, we want to ensure you and your guests are safe. Below are a few key points to look for when shopping around for your special day or event.

• Ensure the company has Public Liability Insurance and that you can view the Certificate of Currency

(Insurance speak for ‘Proof of Insurance’)

• All Children’s Jumping Castles and Adult Jumping Castles require supervision by a person over 18 years of age. Ensure the company supplies you with a copy of the Rules and Regulations and takes the time to train you onsite when they deliver the item. All of our equipment comes with rules and regulations all of which our friendly staff will train you on when your item is delivered.

• Adult Jumping Castles DO NOT HAVE MESH / NETTED WALLS. If someone is trying to hire you an Adult Jumping Castle with Mesh or Netted Walls then walk away as they are trying to hire you an old worn out Children’s Jumping Castle or a ‘Toy’ Castle. Both are illegal in Australia. All of our Adult Jumping Castles have fully inflated walls which can be jumped into safely.

• Ensure the Jumping Castle you are hiring has an age limit (for children’s castles) and maximum number of users specified; all of our equipment has both. If this is not clearly specified then you are probably hiring an illegal ‘Toy’ Jumping Castle which does not comply to Australian Standards or the company is simply not professional.

• Fully inflatable walls ensure the upmost safety for users. At Jester Entertainment we refuse to hire netted wall castles due to safety concerns. • Most important of all is to ensure the company providing the jumping castle has adequate pegs to secure the unit. If these are not at least 300mm long and 16mm diameter solid steel pegs then DO NOT HIRE FROM THEM. SAND BAGS ARE NOT ADEQUATE IN SECURING A JUMPING CASTLE. Tie down Points must have over 140kg of weight per corner (an average of 840Kg per jumping castle) securing them if they are not pegged down or tied off with sufficiently strong rope. If we cannot peg down your jumping castle or inflatable then we will tie the castle off to a solid object. If this cannot be done then we won’t be able to set the item up.

• The above item is something you should check before getting on or allowing your children on any Jumping Castle or Inflatable item.

• Beware of companies who do not provide the actual size of the castle they are hiring or how much area is required. If the information is not clearly displayed; what are they trying to hide?

• Ensure the company takes a deposit to secure your booking; don’t be caught out with disorganised businesses. At Jester Entertainment we take a deposit to confirm your booking, and you will also receive a ‘Booking Confirmation’ via email confirming your hired item and date, now that’s peace of mind. At Jester Entertainment we believe in safety, healthy competition and competitive pricing. These are the things which will improve an industry and those associated with it. Please beware that a cheaper (or more expensive for that matter) Jumping Castle or Inflatable does not necessarily mean better value.

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About Us - Jester Entertainment

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Jester Entertainment is your local party entertainment hire company specializing in inflatable Jumping Castles (also known as Bouncy Castles) and interactive games for children and adults. We also hire products such as Slushie Machines, Fairy Floss Machines, Popcorn Machines, Smoke Machines, Lights, Jukeboxes and Photo Booths. Our business has been established for over 8 years so you can rest assured we know how to do things right. We are an industry leader when it comes to safety and that is why we are AMSAFE compliant We often get customers who find the selection of jumping castles and providers overwhelming. Let us explain WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US. We pride ourselves on dedication to the safety and maintenance of all our equipment and to our professional, personal and flexible service. Even after years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are constantly exploring new ways to make the Jester Entertainment experience more enjoyable, cost effective and stress free for you, our valued customers. We are neither a corporate franchise nor a backyard operation so we can provide the best possible service and products at the most competitive price. When hiring party entertainment you need to ask yourself, do you want the cheapest products available or do you want the Best Value for Money? At Jester Entertainment we offer the best value for money and we guarantee it. We hire Jumping Castles and Party Entertainment to all areas Brisbane, including Caboolture, Redcliffe, Pine Rivers, Redland Bay, Logan and Ipswich. We also hire to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts and further by request. Call us today to find out how we can help you create a party/function to remember. 1300 005 867
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Published on 20/05/2015 11:59 AM by

8ft Gumball Balloon Column

NEW @ Party Depot - We've learnt something new and have the opportunity to share it with all our customers - Imagine having one of these beautiful 8ft Columns either side of the entrance @ your event and showering the Special Person/s with Balloons as they enter - or one in the middle of a dance floor 100 12cm Balloons cascading down to add to the decorations already in the room.

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Congratulations Zupps @ Aspley

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Congratulations to Zupps Aspley on winning the Showroom Decoration Award for the last sale - Proudly supplied by Party Depot's excellent decorating.
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Published on 4/03/2015 2:31 PM by

Party Ideas

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If you are looking for themed party supplies, entertainment ideas (Jumping castles,Kids Castles Popcorn, Fairy floss or Slushie Machines) or just want help with decorating ideas (Balloons,Bouquets Banners, Streamers) please feel free to pass by Party Depot and have chat to one of our friendly staff.

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Big day at Party Depot

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Had a huge day at Party Depot yesterday.... loads of balloons for everyone.... thanks to everyone and to all our wonderful customers.....


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Published on 16/02/2015 11:31 AM by

Balloon Decoration

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Party Depot proudly supplies Balloons for Zupps Aspley when they have an upcoming sale. The staff @ Party Depot have over 8yrs experience in the Party and Decorating Industry, and would be more than happy to discuss your next function with you now. Check out what we did recently for  Zupps Aspley Jan 2015




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Welcome to The Party Depot Blog

Welcome to the Party Depot Blog, Please feel free to add any comments, or ask any questions you want.
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