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Party Depot Kids Pack
Product no.: PDKP
10 x Helium Filled Plain Balloons, 1 x Balloon Buddy, 3 x Air Clusters(6 Balloons per cluster, Or a Link a loon Balloon Arch
Party Depot Keep Em Busy Pack
Product no.: PDKEMBP
20 x Helium Filled Plain Balloons, 20 x pre inflated modelling Balloons , 100 x uninflated modelling Balloons, 40 x uninflated plain 12cm Balloons, 1 x Hand pump
Product no.: PDFTP
For that indoor party to celebrate any occasion we give you beautiful floating helium balloons to decorate your ceiling a lovely bouquet of balloons with a special foil balloon of your choice an arch to go over your entry and 4 lovely balloon decorations for your tables.
Party Depot Balloon a room
Product no.: PDBAR
Exactly what the name says, A Balloon for every part of the room, beautiful floating helium balloons for above your dance floor, a table decoration for every table, bunches of balloons to be placed on the floor around the room a lovely column to place at the door and a beautiful Arch for behind the main table, or wherever you’d like it to be.